Donald Peters

AZ Truck Outfitters is the best!

I purchased a SnugTop shell and a Bedrug from them in July, 2015. When I visited the shop the first time, Kim walked me through all of the pros & cons of the three main manufacturers that the shop represents: Leer, A.R.E., and SnugTop. (I chose SnugTop because their shell had particular features that I wanted).

When the shell was delivered by SnugTop, Kim immediately noticed a small scratch and phoned me about it. She offered to return the shell to the SnugTop factory for repair, or to have AZ Truck Outfitters touch-up the scratch with matching paint to see how it would look, and to work out a discount for me with SnugTop. If I did not like the results of the touch-up, AZ Truck Outfitters would return the shell for repair.

The touch-up worked out just fine, and Kim worked out a fair discount with SnugTop. The shop also did an excellent installation job on both the shell and the Bedrug.

What I would say about AZ Truck Outfitters is that they are a first rate outfit. Customer service is top-notch. I especially liked that Kim spent a lot of educational time with me prior to the order, but then also called me right away after noticing a the scratch.

It was a true pleasure working with the staff! They are also very knowledgeable and capable.